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User Experience Design

What is user experience design in banking and Fintech?

The definition of user experience design is understanding what the user feels, thinks and does while and after interacting with the digital service through ensuring this user centric service by researching, defining UX strategy, creating information architecture, wireframing, testing and UI design. 

User experience can be built purposefully or will appear accidentally. Either way, the user feels and thinks something while interacting with any digital service. The user will be pleased with a delightful experience, and his/her loyalty will therefore grow. That's why user experience design is critically important in the digital age, and should become the main approach in product development.

Digital experience design is a straightforward way to ensure the service matches the customer needs and expectations. User experience engineering includes a set of methods and tools. There are different combinations and practices, but the best user experience design approach should combine deep human psychology and domain expertise. A user experience specialist finds the best way to translate complex technology to the user language, thus providing a simple and intuitive way of using this technology. 

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