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UX Design

What is UX design in banking and Fintech?

UX means "User Experience." Design is a process of making plans or a visual appearance for something. The definition of UX design is to create an architecture and user interface of digital service with the aim of impacting what the user feels, thinks and does while and after interacting with this service. So, in financial services, UX design allows for the creation of digital products that provide critical solutions to customers based on their needs, expectations and habits, thus easing their lives and helping to maintain their wealth.

The term User Experience (UX) was popularized by Donald Norman in the 1990s. UX design is an approach to build a user experience based on a set of methods and tools. The best UX design dives deeply into understanding human psychology and behavior while interacting with services and the context in which motives to use the service is born. This is made possible by conducting a range of UX services, including user research, user testing, mapping user flows and user journeys, card sorting, prioritizing user scenarios, etc. 

Below you will find the best articles by UXDA about practicing UX design in designing financial products for banking and Fintech.

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